Finding social influencers to boost your brand

We’ve all been told that traditional advertising is dead and social media is the way forward. So you spend time thinking up some great content, and money trying to get it out there. If you’re a small fish in the ocean of social influencers, your voice is probably being drowned out.

So how can you make your content rise to the top? Hitch your brand to one of the many social media influencers on the market. Influencers don’t just bring an audience. They give your brand a face and a culture.

Think beyond building advertising messages. Think about building relationships. Looking at an influencer’s stats and metrics is a good start, but it’s important to go a bit deeper to get a great match for your brand.


While your clients may look for words that signal quality or price, influencers stay on top by showcasing the new and the exciting.

Make your brand stand out in your pitch. Emphasise how your product is game-changing. Make the influencer dream about being part of something revolutionary.


Social media influencers have their own business: to drive traffic to their content. Influencers will be more likely to boost your brand if you can help build their exposure.

Start small by sharing their own posts on your social media networks, and amp it up by offering something that your influencer can use to boost their follower engagement. This could be a discount code, a giveaway or a collaboration to get their name (and yours) out there.


Keep tabs on Instagram and Youtube, but don’t forget to look for influencers on other platforms.

XiaoHongShu, also known as RED or Redbook, is a $1b social e-commerce app that sources global products. It’s a word-of-mouth business model and users can become influencers by creating quality reviews and content, which are then followed by other users. Top influencers in Redbook are seen as experts and are trusted sources of advice.

WHOSAY Match is a great way to sift through the pool of influencers at all levels (from micro-influencers to big-name icons). WHOSAY Match displays all data you need to help you match your brand to an influencer, and if you’re really stuck, the WHOSAY Team is happy to provide expert advice.

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